Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'll Still Be There by Keelan Ellis


The summer after high school, Eli Dunn and Jess Early explore an abandoned brothel in the rural Florida Panhandle. They’ve always kept their mutual attraction unspoken, but in an upstairs room at the end of the hall, everything changes. Suddenly, all the longing Eli and Jess have tried so hard to conceal bursts free, and passion like they’ve never experienced comes to light, along with the ghosts of Clay Bailey and Silas Denton, murdered owners of the brothel. And Clay and Silas have no problem possessing Eli and Jess in order to express their love for each other, without thought for the living.

Deeply disturbed by the experience, Eli and Jess part and try to get on with life as best they can. But after several years, Eli returns to Florida, only to find that Jess has made some questionable choices. These eventually lead him back to the abandoned house and a confrontation with Eli. Old scores are settled and Eli and Jess reunite. But Clay and Silas’s ghosts aren’t finished yet, for they’ve always believed in the power of open and honest love.

Who you gonna call?  GHOSTBUSTERS!  This what thought the whole time I was reading this book.  But I could not put it down, it's a love story that has grown through the test of time.  Each chapter is told as either Clay & Silas or Eli & Jess, but they are told well.  It's a story of love that spans time and space, and is a little spooky at times.  So if your looking for a romance and with a couple of ghosts thrown into the mix, I highly recommend this book.


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