Monday, August 10, 2015

Juggernaut (Strain .5) by Amelia C. Gormley

They helped destroy the world. Now they have to survive the new one.

For rentboy Nico Fernández, it’s a simple job: seduce a presidential advisor to help cement approval to launch Project Juggernaut. He’s done similar work for General Logan McClosky before, and manipulating people for his favorite client beats the hell out of being trafficked for slave wages in some corporate brothel.

Zach Houtman feels called to work with the most vulnerable outcasts of society. But his father, the Reverend Maurice Houtman, insists that Zach work for him instead as he runs for Senate. Zach reluctantly agrees, but is horrified to see his father leave behind Christ’s mandate of love and mercy to preach malicious zealotry and violence instead. Zach even starts to suspect his father is working with fundamentalist terrorists.

When Project Juggernaut accidentally unleashes a deadly plague that claims billions of lives, Nico and Zach are thrown together, each bearing a burden of guilt. With only each other for safety and solace, they must make their way through a new world, one where the handful of people left alive are willing to do anything—and kill anyone—to survive.

This could be our future.  I read Strain the first book in the series, but this book deals with totally different set of characters but end up where book 2 picks up.  This book ends in a MAJOR cliffhanger so be repaired, but the next book in the series will be released this year.  This is books does shed a little light on the "plague".  This book is really hard to read in certain areas, it deals with rape and some very hard choices both Nico and Zach have to choose.

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