Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Empress and Child Rage| Book Two by Sam C. Leonhard

Broken by the death of Keiran, Rage is lingering on the brink of suicide, but Lucinda refuses to accept that her best friend is gone. Stubborn as ever, she won’t allow Rage to sneak out of her life before he has solved a few critical issues. Together, they get back to the Forbidden Monastery, face the past, and find out Keiran is not as dead as he is supposed to be.

Their hope for peace and rest is not to be fulfilled. Keiran has to deal with the burden of unwanted magic his would-be killer has put on his shoulders. Lucinda has to face a murder trial, and Rage needs to seek out old allies in order to sort out the mess they are in.

They have to tread carefully in the empress’s city, a place humming with political obstacles and filled with plotting lords, grieving mothers, and one very crazy monk. The threesome stumbles upon a scheme to start a large-scale war and somehow must find a way to foil the plans. Slowly Rage comes to the realization that sometimes even the most important rules must be broken to save an entire kingdom.

Man, this author knows she can write your ass into circles on top of circles.  I was wondering the whole book, ”Where the hell is she going?”.
This book takes off from page one and doesn’t slow down to the every last page.  At first I really did not think that I was liking it but it just could not put it down.  Rage, Keiran and Luca are a great team and powerful team and then you add old ass Jack into the mix and eureka!  I have really enjoyed this series so far,  I haven’t seen were there will be a third book but if there is I for one will be reading it.
******Probably the best cover I have seen on a book*****
DSP Publishing

About this author

Sam C. Leonhard is a journalist by profession who lives in southern Germany. Writing has been part of her life since age twenty, but somehow it was never enough to report the latest news about small-town politics. She wrote short stories for friends and family until a few years back she discovered the world of fandom. The Petulant Poetess is where she feels at home; slash became an addiction as soon as she stumbled over the first story.

If not writing—which isn't half as often as she'd like—Sam takes care of her son, her dog, a few cats, the madness at work, and life in general. She likes to believe she’s got some humor left after years of dealing with people who usually don’t understand what she’s talking about when she says she’s writing fantasy and gay porn on top of it.

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This copy was giving to me by DSP Publications via Netgalley for my honest review


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