Monday, February 2, 2015

Rise & Fall (THIRDS) Book 4 by Charlie Cochet

Rise & Fall (THIRDS, #4)Rise & Fall by Charlie Cochet
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can’t say enough about this series, maybe its because I’m an 80’s child, but this series gets to me with every new book that Charlie writes. Rack & Ruin left us with absolutely the best WTF??? scenrio EVA!!! Book #4 opens with Ash threatening to kill Dex ‘YOU’RE GOING to get us fucking killed!’ is by far the BEST opening line in for a book, especially when you know Ash is this big badass Therian scared of a little humans’ driving style.

One question? What is up with the nurse Dex recognizes in Sloanes Hosiptal room?? (((Conspriacy))) LOL
Up until now we have only read bits and pieces of Sloanes friend Austen, {I have to say that I fell in Love with Austen in this book} He is effing hilariuos and sneaky as shit! “Is everyone fucking in this unit, and how can I get in line?’ Classic Austen!
Austen Payne photo IMG_6508_zps2d9eed26.jpg

This book is a lot of Dex and Sloan and the aftermath of the ending of book 3 but we get another side of Dex, one that I had no idea could be lurking under all that Wiseassry. We get promising insight into Calvin & Hobbs as well as Ash & Caels relationships. YUMMY!!!

Charlie has quickly became my favorite author in the last 6 months, I have purchased this series in both ebook format and paperback, as well as audiobook. I truly cannot get enough of my “WildChild” Dexter “Dex” Daley.

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