Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stones in the Road (Sugar Tree 2) by Nick Wilgus

Stones in the Road (Sugar Tree #2)Stones in the Road by Nick Wilgus
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Is is really possible to read your top book of the year in Febuary? I DO!! When I bought "Shaking the Sugar Tree" last year, it only had a few reviews, but the story sounded interesting to me. It ended up being my Top 2 read of 2014. Now Mr. Wilgus has hit me with Book 2, all I can say is "butter my butt and feed me a buscuit" this book is astounding. I laughed my ass off at Wiley and Jackson's Mom, I also blubbered like a baby. Wiley completes me, Wiley entertains me, and Wiley gets ME. Well done Mr. Wilgus, well done indeed.

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